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Friday, January 8, 2010

Adios Taco Bell

Does anyone else but me feel totally flabbergasted by Taco Bell's new "Diet" menu? Have you seen the commercial? I am almost speechless. I did say... almost.

Let us examine just one of the new "diet" menu items. Hmmm... How about the Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme. First of all, anything with the word "supreme" in it that comes from a fast food restaurant should have a warning label attached to it. Something liken to, "This product has been known to cause heart disease, cancer, stroke, IBS, gout, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure... oops, we ran out of room on the label". They should add, "Not for human consumption".

Wanna take a stab at how much sodium the Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme contains? Give up? That would be 1410mg. 1410mg in one sitting! That's enough for an internal pickling.

The girl in the commercial is attractive and happy (of course she is, she just landed a paycheck) and slender to boot. I would challenge any one of us to look less than amazing if we had an entire crew of people to give us just the right lighting, make up, swimsuit, hair style, etc. Let's not forget about digital enhancement, spray tan, dehydration and airbrushed abs. It's Hollywood movie magic at work to entice you to "run for the border".

Not to mention the girl in the commercial cut her calories to 1200 per day and I'm sure did some kind of endless cardio or jazzercize at the gym.

Anyone can loose weight on 1200 calories per day, Fresco Chicken Burrito Supreme or not. If I put 1200 calories of ice cream and Snickers in my body per day, I would loose weight(and be hungry). If I put 1200 calories of Big Macs into my body per day, I would loose weight (and be hungry). I know that I personally need about 2500 calories per day to maintain my muscle mass and weight. So by eating 1200 calories I am creating a deficit. That is the calories in, calories out theory and it works. Temporarily, anyway until your insulin level is so out of control and you are so overcome with hunger that you eat the side of a building with ketchup and gain all the weight back in two days flat plus more.

What we are missing here when we are "all about low calories" and not about quality nutrition is that we are creating a weak and sick body. We are setting ourselves up for disease and a retirement filled with bypass surgery. Why are we allowing places like Taco Bell to dupe us into thinking we can eat this crummy food and be okay? In the end it's the surgeons who will open the length of our legs to harvest a vein, then crack open our chests and sew this vein to our hearts in several places so our hearts do not die. And Taco Bell will just keep going...

"Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food" - Hippocrates

I think 'ol Hip would be turning over in his grave if he knew about the new Taco Bell, which by the way, is the same as the old Taco Bell, minus the cheese and sour cream.

Don't let them fool you into thinking that their sodium laden, lard infested, white flour, low quality chicken burrito is healthy by simply repackaging an old product and attaching the word "diet" to it. Diet does not equal healthy.

Next time you are starving and you need to drive thru, don't do it! Instead, drive UP to the grocery store and park. Get out and WALK into the market. Go to the deli counter and get some lunch meat, a little side salad and some fruit. Grab a water. There, wasn't that easy.

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