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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Bowl Party-- Let's Eat!

First, I want to say Hey! to my friend Jen and her motley church group all the way across the country in Alabama (sorry about the Arkansas thing!). They are in the process of a "Biggest Looser Challenge" and have been including my recipe blog in their repertoire. I am excited to see their progress and results! Jen recently asked me how to navigate a giant eating fest like the Super Bowl. With a little preparation, it can be done. Let's investigate.

Most people will spend it drinking and eating WAY too much. It feels great going down but the voice of guilt is sure to rear its ugly head the moment you swallow the last hot wing. I say, "Don't do it!" It's not worth the five pound overnight weight gain followed by the internal flogging and shame. You can make an abundance of paleo snacks using the recipes already posted. They are full of flavor and won't leave you feeling bloated and remorseful.

Chili is an all time Super Bowl favorite. You can serve it in the pepper like the original recipe or to make it easier serve it in paper bowls. Just remember to double, triple, quadruple the recipe.

Make the crockpot meatballs for snacks. Follow the recipe but roll them smaller. You can put them out right in the crockpot with toothpicks for stabbing.

The big bowl of awesome yumminess is a great salad that goes with everything. You can omit the chicken since you will be serving lots of other protein. If you want a little splurge on this day you can add some feta to this salad and watch your guests faint one at a time.

Set out bowls of nuts in different varieties with dried fruit. Remember no peanuts (they are a legume, not a nut).

The herbed chicken is another good one to set out with toothpicks.

And finally, either make a nice fruit salad (or buy it from the deli) or if you want to get all Martha Stewart you can get some skewers and make fruit kabobs. They are really pretty. Just take some melon, apple, and grapes and thread them on to the skewers. Make sure you swish the apple in a little orange juice so it doesn't get brown.

If you want to put Martha to shame then make this watermelon basket. It's really simple if you have those child friendly pumpkin carving knives. If you don't you can still use the watermelon as a bowl but the wavy pattern will be a little more tricky to achieve.

These yummy snacks are all paleo (except for the optional feta). Your guests won't even know how healthy they are being! Chances are they will still overeat on this day but better to overeat paleo than down a pizza and feel sick for days.

Have a great party and a great weekend. Go Saints!

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