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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Caveman Scramble meets the bare bones of the fridge

It's Sunday. Sunday is considered the beginning of the week, but not in my book. I think of it as the end because I have cooked all week long and now when I open my fridge there is nothing in there except an old steer skull and a tumble weed. Oh lord! What to make for breakfast.

Let's see, I have a couple of eggs in the carton, a half rotting/half good bell pepper, a couple of sad green onions, some left over turkey bacon and as always, sun dried tomatoes. That will do!

Even if you don't have these ingredients sitting around waiting to receive their last rights, this little scramble is so tasty that it is worth buying them. Fresh, of course.

What you'll need:

refer to list above

keeping in mind

you don't want food poisoning


Get creative with your own mixin's

What you do:

If you have to cook the bacon, start with that. I use no nitrate, no preservative turkey bacon from Trader Joe's (I should have stock in that store). Get it crispy and set it to the side. While the bacon is cooking chop your veggies. In the same pan you used for the bacon, add a touch of olive oil and sautee your veggies until soft. While the veggies cook take a couple of strips of cooked bacon and chop it up. Do your best imitation of Bruce Lee while making sure there are no children or pets within the blade's reach. If you are clumsy, skip this step. Put the chopped bacon in the pan with the veggies.

Whisk up two eggs in a bowl and pour the egg mixture into the pan with the veggies and bacon. Scramble to your liking. Be proud of your creation and smile! You've just made a yummy breakfast without spending $12.00 a person and waiting all morning for a table.

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