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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chocolate Banana Shake on the Run

Are you ever pressed for time? (It's rhetorical... you don't have to answer). Several days a week I have to wake up way too early, get my boys up, chase them around the house trying to dress them while they tag team me like a WWF duo, make their breakfast and pack it, manage to get myself dressed, slug down a cup of coffee, wrestle the boys into their carseats and head off to their morning round of therapy. All the while I've left myself with nothing in my stomach and a hungry husband. Yes, I still try to make him breakfast every morning, and he's worth every effort.

So this quick shake is my answer a couple of times per week. I know what you are thinking. "Cave men didn't have blenders and powders and ice!" Yes, that is true. But this blog is about a real mom with a crap load of duties and no time to slay a zebra and suck the marrow from it's bones. This shake is easy, convenient and follows the paleo spirit. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's what you'll need:

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/2 a banana

1T unsweetened, natural cocoa powder

1 scoop of egg protein (I use Jay Robb)

about 6 ice cubes

a packet of Stevia or if your really naughty, Splenda

Here's what you do:

Enter the kitchen at Mach 3. Grab the almond milk and poor it in the blender, spilling half of it all over the kitchen when one of your sons chop blocks you unexpectedly. Slice off half a banana trying not to cut into your hand. I know, it's hard to tell the difference between a hand and a banana since you got a total of three hours of sleep the night before when your son decided to party like a rock star and make you his groupy. Put the banana in. Get a tablespoon of cocoa into the blender next. Resist the urge to eat it straight off of the spoon... trust me, it doesn't taste like a Hershey Bar. Next, dump in your Jay Robb egg protein being careful not to flip Mr. Robb off. His picture is smiling and happy and way too relaxed on the front of the container for the morning you're having. But hey, he does have a great product. Put in that packet of Stevia (Splenda). It's ok, no one is looking. Now, pray for forgiveness from the Paleo gods. Get that blender rockin'. When things look mixed, add in the ice cubes. Ignore the terrified screams of your toddlers because the noise from the blender is so loud it is now waking up your neighbors. Blend away baby.

Put it in a cup. Grab both your two year-olds, two diaper bags, two toddler breakfasts, 4 bottles, 2 sippy cups, 400 diapers, a few toys and run to the car like you play on defense, you just intercepted the ball and there's nothin' but green field and the goal line in front of you. Hum the tune from Barnum and Bailey's Circus in your head. Wrestle your kids into the car without dumping out any of the bags. Get yourself strapped in... wait... ok, you do have BOTH kids. Drive off like a maniac because although you started preparing 2 hours ago, you are now ten minutes late. And of course, leave your shake on the counter where it will sit, and melt, and render itself useless.

Have a great day!

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